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Top tips to stay safe when drinking

Not everyone is giving up drinking this January. And if you're still partying now Xmas and New Year is over, you may also be tempted to mix drinks or take drugs with alcohol.

  • Mixing different alcoholic drinks, and drink and drugs, makes it more likely you’ll have a bad reaction or lose control.

  • There are some things to think about which might help you during the party season.

  • Many people don’t drink so it’s OK for you to decide not too

  • If you do drink it is important to remember to eat something

  • Drink water – having a glass of water can help rehydrate you

  • Taking drugs might seem like a more fun idea after a few drinks but the risks are far higher and there is a chance you will become ill

  • Whether you feel happier and more excited this month, or more stressed and unhappy like some people, what you are able to handle does not change FRANK has more information about alcohol and specific substances.

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